Spider Power Supply

This is an all-purpose 12 Volt DC regulated & individually fused power supply.

It is perfect for powering any 12VDC device*, especially in security applications.
Connect to Controllers, Card Readers, REXs, Motion Detectors, Alarm Keypads, Local Door Alarm Sounders, or even 12VDC CCTV Cameras.

One of the best features about this power supply, is that its door panel has a super-informative LED status indicator system.

Which means that in one quick glance, service technicians and customers can identify basic problems very quickly. Such as AC Power Loss, or when the Backup Battery is low on energy… all without even having to open up its door. 

This helps to minimize system-downtimes, and lowers maintenance costs — since problems can be diagnosed much faster!   

[Note: This unit is also ideal for powering a Spider BlockerBox-8. Especially when your current 12V source is maxed out, or is nearing its capacity.]


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UPGRADE YOUR SYSTEMS to a better type of power supply now!

12 Volt DC Power Supply [100-240VAC IN, 12VDC OUT, 5A, 9CH]

  • Enclosure Dimensions: 9.00″H x 7.50″W x 3.00″D.
  • Wall Mountable NEMA I Enclosure with Black Finish.
  • Main ON/OFF power toggle switch allows for safer servicing.
  • Regulated/Adjustable DC Voltage Output (Range of 12-14VDC).
  • Prewired connection pigtail for 12VDC Battery Backup connection.
  • (9) Independently Fused Outputs with total 5 Amps output capacity.
    [These include 9 ‘fast-acting’ type fuses, rated at 1.5 Amps each fuse]
  • Panel Indicators: AC Power Input, DC Out, Charger, Low Battery.
  • Includes (4) Knockouts for quick 1/2″ conduit or grommet inlets.
  • 1/2″ Knockout Locations: (2) on Bottom, (1) on Left & (1) on Right.

* Maximum output is 5 Amps.
** Comes with (2) enclosure keys.
*** This quality product is made in China.
**** 100/240VAC input required @ 50/60 Hz.
***** This power supply and enclosure is non-UL listed/rated.

Product Datasheet A&E Specifications Installation Manual

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