Spider Fuse Kit

This Spider Security Low Voltage Contractor Fuse Kit ($250+ value!*) is composed of the most commonly utilized fuse types & fuse ratings within the following Low Voltage Electronics Industries:

+ CCTV Camera Surveillance Systems
+ Electronic Access Control
+ Burglar Alarm Systems
+ Fire Alarm Systems

Our fuses are compatible with these typical power supply manufacturers: Alarm-Saf™, Altronix™, Honeywell™, Life Safety Power™, Securitron™, Von Duprin™, and more.**


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No. Analog CCTV Cameras should be outfitted with a fuse that will not permit more current to pass through, other than what the manufacturer has specified.

No. All electrical loads should be outfitted with a fuse rating equal to (no more, no less) than what the manufacturer has directed. This 1A fuse will not last long, and your customer will end up paying for unnecessary return trips.

The problem could be miswiring, a bad hinge, or a short circuit on the lock power lines. There might also by an undersized fuse. No matter: Our Kit has the proper 5x20mm 4 Amp fuse that will help bring things back to OEM standards!

No worries. Grab a factory-matching 3 Amp fuse from this Kit and you’re all set!

Unfortunately this happens all too often. Hooking up directly onto power sources could damage your product! (e.g. A power surge could fry the electronic components). Worse yet, a fire could start without ample power protection. In almost every case: All electronics should be fused to protect both the power supply & the connected load. Grab a fuseholder from this Fuse Kit, plug in an appropriately sized fuse, and let’s do this right!

These field challenges are faced on a daily basis. Critical systems & technologies that are without proper circuit protection. Blown fuses replaced with random fuses that “just happened to have been sitting there already”. Technicians with limited resources. Consumers stuck with unnecessary bills for elongated or multiple (return) service trips.

The Spider Fuse Kit resolves these issues by empowering technicians into easily replacing, upgrading, or downgrading fuses. Or to install brand new fuseholders in instances where they should have been.

With manufacturer requirements met, system lifespans are elongated!

The Spider Fuse & Accessory Kit includes: (1) Organizer Case, (5) Mini ATM Blade Fuse Holders, (1) Extraction Tool, (30) Mini ATM Blade Fuses [Assorted 1, 3, 7.5, 15 Amps], (30) 5x20mm Fuses [Assorted 1, 3, 5, 10 Amps], (30) 6x30mm Fuses [Assorted 1, 3, 5, 10 Amps]

  • Expedites Install and Service work!
  • Equip your technicians for success!
  • Guaranteed to save time and money!
  • Build fundamentally sound systems!

* If purchased individually from electronics retailers.
** All product and company names are trademarks™ or registered® trademarks of their respective holders. Use of them does not imply any affiliation with SSP, or endorsement.
*** Tool Bag in Gallery Picture not included.
**** This quality product is made in China.

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