Spider Auto-Door Opener

Our Automatic Door Opener helps to create safe, contactless ways that employees can use to enter secure locations. Especially when paired with an access control system using touchless credential technologies*.

Safety features:
-Automatically re-opens if an object is sensed during closing sequence.
-Allows manual operation during power loss

What’s included:

  • (1) Motor Box Unit (can be painted to match your doorframes/doors)
  • (2) Wireless Remote Pushbuttons, (Frequency of 433.92MHz)
  • (2) Wireless Keychain Remote Transmitters (Auto/Open/Lock/Reset)
  • (1) Outswing Bracket Arm
  • (1) Inswing Slider Adapter
  • (1) Hand Programmer for adjusting parameters
  • (2) “Caution: Automatic Door” Stickers
  • (Misc) Screws and screw anchors
  • Installation Manual / User guide
  • AC Power Cord

*This can be used standalone as well (without an access control system). 


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Handheld Programmer Features: (Plugs directly into control box)

-Set opening/closing speed
-Set manual opening force
-Set opening direction (Outward or Inward)
-Set door hold open time

Technical Parameters:

  • For a single leaf door only
  • Dual applications: One-way Outswing, or One-way Inswing (with included adapter)
  • Input Voltage: 110-220 VAC +/-10%
  • Wet Relay Output Voltage (for door lock): 12VDC @.3A (Normally Energized/Can be converted to Normally De-Energized using Auxiliary 12VDC Relay)
  • Extra Unswitched 12VDC Output Connection (500mA Max)
  • Extra Unswitched 24VDC Output Connection (500mA Max) 
  • Motor: DC 24V brushless motor
  • Power Consumption: 50 Watts
  • Opening Time: 3-7 sec. @ 90 degrees
  • Hold Open Time: 1-30 sec. Adjustable
  • Maximum Door Frame Depth: 450mm / 17.7″
  • Door Width: Max. 1200mm / 47.2″ Min. 660mm / 26″
  • Maximum Door Weight: 264 lbs
  • Max. Opening Angle:120 degrees
  • Environment Temperature: -20C to 50C / -4F to 122F
  • Operation noise: Less than 55db
  • Opener size: 21.45”(L)*3.35”(W)*3.74”(H)
  • Opener weight: 10kg/ 21.0 LBS

*This quality item is made in China
**Product is CE Certified
***1 Year Limited Warranty
****Access Control System not included & sold separately
*****MORE INFO for suggested door unlocking hardware needed by this door opener

Note: Due to heavy demand, BACKORDERS may require between 30-60 days to ship.

Product Datasheet Installation Manual Recommended Door Locks